Founder, designer, buyer and the lady behind Refuse To Obey.


“I started RTO as a safe haven. It’s a world I can get lost in. I wanted to create a brand in which YOU feel empowered every time you slipped into a garment. RTO is based off of sisterhood, adversity, rock n roll, sexual desire, erotica and total badassery. It’s a place where humans can find and embrace their best selves, their true selves. There are no rules here. Get as wild as you want.”


Refuse To Obey is an attitude you wear. Created for the ones in charge. For the babes who hold their head high and their middle finger higher!


Based in Toronto, Ontario. 


All garments that are not marked vintage are handmade here in Toronto by Nat. Currently operating as a one woman show. Stitching on anything industrial, all garments are made in a safe and good vibing working environment.

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